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Lemon Cheesecake - €11.65
This cake is topped with a cheese and lemon filling set on a crushed biscuit base. Fresh lemons are used to make the topping making this cake light and fresh.
Contains partially cooked eggs

*Hazelnut Meringue - €16.50This cake contains no flours. The meringues are filled with strawberries and cream and topped with chocolate coated strawberries.


*Strawberry Flan €10.50This flan is filled with a home-made crème patissiere and topped with delicious fresh strawberries.


Sticky Toffee Pudding - €10.50
This moist cake come on a 20cm base giving you over 8 portions. It is delicious served as dessert or with your tea. The toffee comes in a separate container so that you may warm the sauce prior to drizzling it over the cake.

Chocolate Brownies - €6.50

These truly decadent brownies are made with melted dark chocolate (60% cocoa Solids) and dotted with milk chocolate pieces. Each portion contains about 15 pieces.

* Fig & Almond Cake €17.00

This moist cake is made with figs and pure almonds and is dotted with dark chocolate chips. This cake comes in a 26cm size giving you around 12 portions

Cinnamon & Ginger Cake €11.65
Filled and topped with home-made caramel sauce, this moist cake is scented with ground ginger and cinnamon.

Cappuccino Cheesecake €10.50
This light cheesecake has a delicate coffee taste. It is set on a biscuit base and topped with delicious cappuccino cream.Contains partially cooked eggs

*Pistachio & Raisin Cheesecake €17.00
Made with a base of diabetic biscuits and sugar substitute which is suitable for diabetics, this cheesecake is filled with raisins and pistachios
Contains nuts

Chocolate Cheesecake €12.00
This is a lighter chocolate alternative to the heavier and deeper chocolate cakes. The cheesecake is set on a biscuit base and topped with a chocolate mousse mixture.
Contains partially cooked eggs

*Apple & Almond Cake €16.00This moist cake is made with freshly grated apples and ground almonds. Filled with my home-made pure almond marzipan, this cake is covered in cream and almond flakes.
Contains nuts

*Date Pie €11.65
This delicious pie is made with sweet pastry and filled with a soft mixture of dates and spices. The pie is set on a 26 cm base and yields around 10 to 12 potions .

*Jam Tart €9.50
This tart is made with home-made Strawberry jam and is free from artificial colours, preservatives or setting agents.

*Honey & Nut pie €15.00
This delicious pie is set on sweet pastry and is filled with a mix of hazelnuts and pure Maltese honey.
Contains nuts

*Lemon Meringue Pie €11.65
This pie is set on a pastry base topped with a home-made curd made with fresh lemons and covered with a thick and creamy meringue. Contains partially cooked eggs

*Sugar Free Sponge cake €14.00
Made with sugar substitute, which is suitable for diabetics, this cake is filled with a sugar free strawberry jam and topped with hazelnuts, almonds & cream.
Contains nuts

*Tiramisu Cake €12.50
This cake is a lighter version of the classic Italian dessert. Lower in fats but still as tasty, this cake is dusted with cocoa powder.
Contains partially cooked eggs

Banoffee Pie €10.50
This pie is made with a delicious home-made toffee sauce and topped with fresh slices of bananas all set on a biscuit base. Banoffee pie is decorated with fresh cream.

*Torta tal-Marmurrat €15.15
This traditional Maltese pie is filled with pure ground almonds, orange marmalade and various spices. Coated with dark chocolate, this pie is decorated with almond flakes.
Contains nuts

Carrot Cake €10.50
This moist cake is made with a mixture of nuts, dried fruits and obviously carrots. Drizzled with fresh orange syrup, this cake is decorated with marzipan carrots.
Lactose free

Boston Cream Pie €12.50
This delicious sponge is filled with freshly prepared crème patisserie and topped with a thick chocolate sauce.

*Cassatella Siciliana €16.00
Filled with fresh ricotta, glace cherries and chocolate, the Cassatella is covered with a home-made pure almond marzipan and decorated with fresh cream and cherries.
Contains Nuts

*Chocolate Cake €14.00
This rich cake is made with dark chocolate. Filled and covered with a dark chocolate sauce, this cake is coated with roasted hazelnuts.
Contains nuts

*Chocolate & Nut Cake €23.00
This delicious flourless cake is made with a mixture of chocolate, walnuts and hazelnuts. Dusted with icing sugar, it is ideal for tea time, or even with a glass of wine.
Does not contain flour

Jaffa Cake €16.00
This chocolate orange dessert is made with an orange sponge base filled with home-made fresh orange jelly and topped with a rich chocolate-orange sauce.

Chocolate Fudge € 8.00
This moist chocolate is made with dark chocolate (60% Cocoa Solids) and is dotted with roasted hazelnuts. Each packet contains approximately 24 pieces

Pasti di Mandorla €8.00
These delicious sweets, Sicilian in origin are made with pure ground almonds and coated with icing sugar. Each package contains 20 pieces and weighs approximately 500g.

Cranberry & Almond Krustini €4.00
These twice baked biscuits are packed with roasted almonds and cranberries. Each packet weighs roughly 250g.
Contains nuts
*Items marked are 26 cm and yield around 10 to 12 portions.
All other cakes measure 20cm and yield 8 to 10 portions.
All the cakes can be made on a 26cm base, yielding 10 to 12 portions. Kindly contact me for prices.
Please allow 2 days for orders. Call Concita on +356 9943 1000 or email