Newsletter - January

The beginning of the year to me means a fresh start and new things. The first and most obvious change is the addition of my blog. As always, your comments are appreciated!

January is also the time to start thinking of new cakes to add to my list and I already have some delicious new cakes in mind for you this year.

New on the menu this month is a Strawberry Jam Tart to keep you company whilst you have your tea. The tart is made with Kelina’s Strawberry jam which is free from preservatives or setting agents. The Jam Tart is 26cm in diameter €9.50 (Lm4.08).

Valetines's Day is around the corner and this year I shall be selling my special Hot Chocolate mix. Made with superior chocolate pieces (60% cocoa solids) and spices just add some hot milk to enjoy. The chocolate mix will be sold in family pack weighing 200g @ €7.00 (Lm3.01) or in Valentine's portions including a mug @ €5.00 (Lm2.15).

Should you like more chocolate delights, try my Chocolate Truffles – sold in packets of 24 @ €6.00 (Lm2.50). These chocolate delights are made with dark chocolate and simply melt in your mouth.

And last but not least my Chocolate Fudge; made with dark chocolate (60% cocoa solids) these moist chocolate pieces are full of roasted hazelnuts. Each packet contains approximately 24 pieces @ € 6.50 (Lm2.79)

Please feel free to contact me on or on 9943 1000 should you require any of the cakes from my list or Kelina on for the jams.

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