Banoffee Sponge Cake

Here is a recipe that I’ve been asked to give out on numerous occasions. This recipe for a banoffee sponge cake apart from being simply delicious also makes an imposing centre piece for your teas, should you like to lay a table.

The Banoffee we are used to having in restaurants is presented over a biscuit base but the rest of the recipe remains the same.

Here is what you need for the sponges
5 eggs
300g sugar
300g self-raising flour
300g melted STORK margarine

1. beat the eggs and the sugar together with an electric beater
2. in the meantime, melt the margarine.
3. with the motor running, add the margarine to the egg mixture
4. next fold in the flour
5. Now pour the mixture into 2 cake tins about 20cm in diameter and bake in a pre=heated oven at 160C for about 25mins

For the Toffee
100g sugar
75g Stork margarine
125g Double cream
You will also need
2 medium bananas
250ml double cream

1. Whilst the cakes are baking, make the toffee. Place the sugar in a thick bottomed pot and heat gently without stirring. Once the sugar turns a light brown stir slightly to make sure that all the sugar caramelises.
2. Once all the sugar has caramalised, now add the margarine and mix until it is completely melted.
3. beat in the cream and once a toffee consistency is achieved, remove from the heat.

To assemble the banoffee cake, place one of the cakes on a cake plate. Now in another bowl, whip the 250ml double cream and spread it over the cake. Now place the banana slices over the cream and cover with the second cake. Pour the toffee sauce over the cake and allow it to drizzle all over the top and the sides.

This cake need to be stored in the fridge and is best eaten within a maximum of 3 days.

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