Newsletter - February

With Easter just a few weeks away, I am accepting orders for Figolli & Kwarezimal.

Kwarezimal are made with a mixture of pure almonds and spices and decorated with honey and crushed almonds. €2.00 each

Figolli are made with pure almonds and gift wrapped making them an ideal Easter gift for your family and friends. They are decorated with dark chocolate and flaked almonds. €6.00 each

Last orders for both the Figolli and the Kwarezimal shall be accepted till Monday 10th March, 2008

Don’t forget Valentines’ Day. My special Hot Chocolate made with superior chocolate pieces (60% cocoa solids), just add hot milk to enjoy. The chocolate mix will be sold in family pack weighing 200g @ €7.00 (Lm3.01) or in Valentine's portions including a mug @ €5.00 (Lm2.15).

Please feel free to contact me on or on 9943 1000 to place your orders. Please allow 2 days for orders.

Here are some recipes for you to enjoy making:
Chocolate Cake
Low-Carb Lasagne
Watch out for some Easter recipes in this issue of Best Buy Supplement out with The Times on Wednesday, 16thFebruary.

Did you know? - Shakespeare & Cake
  • Shakespeare inspired at least three puddings with one play.
  • There is a tartlet with a chocolate custard filling called an Othello, named after the famous Moor of the eponymous tragedy.
  • Having set this precedent in patisserie, a tartlet filled with white custard became a Desdemona and (more spuriously) a coffee custard-filled tartlet was named an Iago.

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