Quick Strawberry Ice-cream

I’m still not sure whether the Strawberry festival we had earlier this month was a good idea!
Prices seem to have risen after this strawberry rampage! So, even though at this time of year you could see me make strawberry jam with the cheaper and not-so-attractive strawberries, this year I am still using them to whole and still shying away from blending and mashing!

If we manage to get some cheaper ones this week, here is a fab and very quick dessert you can make for your friends and family. You could also serve this as dessert with some fresh strawberries on top of each plate to decorate.

Here is what you need:
425g strawberries hulled and washed;
400 ml tinned milk;
some fresh mint leaves.

Chill the tinned milk for a couple of hours preferably overnight before preparing this ice-cream.

Place the strawberries in a blender and blend to a pulp. If you prefer a smooth ice-cream then pass the mixture through a sieve and discard the seeds.

With an electric whisk, beat the milk until it has doubled in volume. With the mixer still on, but lowered to the minimum speed, pour in the strawberry pulp. At this point it is best to try your mixture. Should your strawberries be a little sour add some sugar to taste.

Place the mixture in a freezing container and freeze until the mixture starts to solidify. Now, remove it from the freezer and whip it again. Repeat this procedure another 3 times. Once the ice-cream is completely set, it is ready to serve.

You can prepare this ice-cream in an ice-cream machine. Prepare the whipped milk and add the strawberries as above then churn in your ice-cream machine as per your instruction manual.

You can also substitute the strawberries with any other berries of your choice. Should fresh fruit not be available, I suggest you use the frozen berries and not the tinned ones.

This recipe has been previously published in the Best Buy Supplement, out monthly with The Times.
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