Just a pot of cream

I know it's the trimming, slimming, detoxing season but when your local supermarket gives you cream for free, one just has to give in  :)

So Saturday morning, after cashing out, a little fridge standing at the exit of the supermarket with a sign saying "a donner" (to give away), music to my ears

I took a couple of jars and quickly set about using my new Christmas gift - a butter churner.
I poured 300ml of the cream into the jar, cranked away for about 10 mins then voila, the butter was made.
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But after you make the butter, you're left with a lot of buttermilk ! and there are two uses for that in our household -
1. Buttermilk Pancakes
2. Irish Soda bread

So soda-bread it was!

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