2014... here we come!

The new year always pushes me towards my blog and in a way I feel sad that I am not updating it as often as I used to.

In culinary terms, 2013 was a very good one for me. I have discovered or rediscovered old classics as well as new tastes.

One to be noted is the reintroduction of Brussels Sprouts into my kitchen! I was never keen on these sorry excuse for a Christmas day side dish.

BUT, due to the enthusiasm of my wee ones, I could not let this pass.

After all I am the one to tell them to try our new things, so I cannot shut them down what they wanted to give a shot at the dreaded Brussels Sprouts.

Albeit an old veggie, I gave it a new spin, NO overcooking and definitely NO boiling!

So I just quartered them and sautéed them, yes raw, with a little bit of walnut oil. Lastly, I sprinkled some chopped roasted hazelnuts before serving. Et voila !

Mr. E and I have also done our fair share of travelling last year, of course always trying to source and try and best local ingredients.

Whilst in Spain, we tried the real Jamon and I must admit I loved it! Not to mention the seasoned olives which were totally different to the way we are used to eat them.

We are quite accustomed to plain olives in olive oil, which of course are delicious too.

With less time on my hands to write, edit and take photos for my blog, I have started a little kitchen journal.

This is mainly so that I do not forget what ingredients went into my spare of the moment, or rather back of the cupboard "inventions".

The weather this year, 2014 has been extremely good and apart from a new windy nights, we have been enjoyed the warmth of a splendid winter sun of many days.

So as a final note, think about your gardens and what you can plant now that it's winter to reap over spring and summer.

Think about what new challenges you want to achieve this year. And by this I don't mean the bungee-jumping / sky-diving sort but more the 'I'd like to bake an St. Honore' or 'I'd much prefer having my own mincemeat in my mince pies next Christmas'.

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