Christmas Food

With the weather freezing up like this I got thinking about Christmas food and gatherings. This year will be a different season for me as I will be travelling and spending half the holidays at home and the other half back in Malta.

The amount and variety of food available in shops here is to die for. No need to source different ingredients from a hundred shops, most delicacies are available right around the corner. Then there are the BBC food websites that whet your appetite to put the apron on and start cooking from now till Christmas; if only is had a minion to do all my shopping - that's one thing I hate!! I found this page on the BBC site which I thought would make an interesting read - BBC Christmas

In the following weeks I shall be uploading some Christmas food recipes and some interesting dessert you can prepare for your gatherings, but in the meantime, have a look at this - Vanilla walnut ice-cream  I know that this is an ice-cream, but after a heavy meal I suggest that it's the best way to end it. And walnuts are quite plentiful at this time of the year!


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