Dreaming of Ice-cream

It's funny how I've just come back from a trip to Italy, a food trip to Italy really, and all I can think of ice-cream.  The "devil" I was on holiday with is as bad a fanatic as myself, so it was really hard not to fall in this pitfall!

Even though the temperatures we had were 0C,1C,2C and possibly even 3C we were still happily slicking our ice-cream whilst holding onto our woolen hats, scarfs and gloves!... and even though we were in the northern part of Italy, we ended up discussing and buying "crema di pistacchi".  And no, we weren't the only mad ones in the land. People in Italy buy and eat ice-creams on a regular basis in winter too, and even though at one point we ended up in a some-what empty town and came across possibly 5 people in total roaming the streets, the 2 gelateria in the town were open and also well stocked!

So coming back to Malta thinking that the weather now is even hotter than I left it a couple days ago, I sat on the plane and planned my recipe hunt to then get down to making some ice-cream possibly over the weekend. But of course, my plans went out of the window when I landed in cold wind and rain and instead of taking out my ice-cream machine ( which by the way, has a permanent place in the freezer and ready for any emergencies) I got some wood out of the garage and put on the fireplace once again!

But hey, that's Maltese weather for you... hot in February and cold in March.

So back to warming meals... thinking of stews and soups this week.. will keep you posted with anything I come up with.

Watch out for my Easter Desserts this week. They will be published in the Best Buy Supplement, out this Wednesday 10th with The Times... there is also a cheat version of the Classic Italian Tiramisu without the egg mixture.. so worth a try for those of you who won't go anywhere close to uncooked eggs.

ice-cream recipes on this blog


  1. hi! i know what you mean, i grew up in italy and the food is delicious! I used to love the ice cream and granitas!

  2. exactly... all you want to do it try new food!


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