Lovers' Day - St. Valentine

It's amazing how many heart-shaped chocolates, boxes and all other kinds of items pop up at this time of year. I'm sure that giving someone a heart-shaped box of chocolate will show them that you love them or care about them.  In Italian the words used to distinguish have a deeper meaning - ti amo (I love you), ti voglio bene (i wish you well) but the latter, even though the actual translation means i wish you well means that i care for you, I'm fond of you.

So even though most shops and card adverts specify that Valentine's Day is not just for lovers, i do agree with them even though their motifs behind this generous feeling are completely different.  Valentine's Day is there to take a moment and reflect on the people we love. There is really no need to go overboard and spend hundred and thousands of Euros but it's nice to actually have a day where we celebrate love in all it's permutations.. love between partners, siblings or even colleagues! 

I just happen to be in the capital of chocolates this week so there is an extra dose of heart-shaped chocolate delicacies around me this week.. and even though I'm sure they are delicious and that they might be using the finest ingredients, I always preferred flowers on this special day.

The thing with chocolates is that we are quite accustomed to buying chocolates on a regular basis and I'm sure that most of you have bought chocolates for yourself... maybe even hid them to enjoy alone! Well it is quite rare for me to buy flowers for myself, so that is a kind of treat for me!

Having said all this I must also add that I always stay away from restaurants on this "Special Occassion!"... the set menus are so off-putting and I always preferred a nice home-cooked meal even if it a simple plate of pasta!  For those of you looking for inspirations on what to cook on this lovers day, I had some recipes published in the Best Buy Supplement which was out with The Times on Wednesday 10th.

Being a Sunday though, how about impressing your partner with a breakfast in bed?... some pancakes spread with Nutella would be nice or even some warm toast and a nice coffee served on a tray!

post a comment below if you need some inspirations.... I'll be more than happy to give you a helping hand!

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