Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting David and Isabelle from Buongustai. Apart from talking about the delicious flavours of Italy, in particular Sicily, we also spoke about the range of products that they import themselves.

What I particularly liked about their range is that the selection is handpicked by David and Isabelle and not sent en mass by some agents and they must sell and market it at all costs. One of the advantages of being a small firm like theirs is that they can afford to keep a personal touch with their clients as well as with the items they sell.

As we were casually chatting about the delicious ingredients one finds in Sicily I tried their delicious latte di mandorla which left me speechless. This of course is nothing like the over sugared almond milk we are used to here. The taste is fresh and light and the almond is a soft taste and not an overpowering fake one.

Whilst I was sipping it I was thinking of all the panna cotta I could do with it….mmmm

But the show stopper was definitely their Sillitti Extra Virgin olive oil which is excellent in quality and above all very well priced. For those of you who scour the supermarket shelves looking for a real olive oil, here is the answer to your prayers!

David and Isabelle can be contacted on cardin@maltanet.net or 99424210. A product price list is available on request. Orders can be emailed or phoned in and we will deliver orders over €30.

To sample the extra virgin olive oil, try drizzling some over some fresh tortellini or flavour your chunky soups instead of grating some cheese.

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