Boxed Wine from Italy

I have just come across this article about good wines being sold in boxes and even though I completely agree with the author saying that I would not be seen with a box of wine sitting on my dinner table, environmentally and economically it probably is more feasable!

The barbarians are not literally at the gate, but Italy is under some duress, judging by the headlines of the last 24 hours or so.
Thousands of soldiers have been deployed in the streets of Rome, Milan, Turin and Palermo to battle street crime and protect historic sites like the Duomo. Meanwhile, the government is cutting spending as the country absorbs a share of the world’s economic troubles. And “Time Uncovering Truth,” a painting by Italian rococo master Giambattista Tiepolo that hangs in the press room of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s official palace, has been altered to cover a bare breast.
As the nation stood at the top of several potential slippery slopes at once, yet another one emerged this afternoon. The government has decided to tolerate something that wine-worshipping Etruscan poets never dreamed of. From Bloomberg News:
Italy’s Agriculture Ministry said that some fine Italian wines that receive government quality guarantees will be allowed to be sold in boxes.

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  1. Wine in boxes! Ha!

    I would spend a pretty penny on a good bottle of wine.... but on a box of wine! Not a chance.
    They will soon be selling Port in boxes too!! Yeah Right! Not in my house!


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