Very Fruity Cups

Serving these cups as dessert makes a great end to any meal especially if it is served on one of our balmy summer nights. These cups are very fresh and best of all can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge until you are ready to serve.

I made mine with whipped fresh cream however, if you prefer you can substitute this with vanilla ice-cream. If you are using ice-cream however, you will need to assemble the cups exactly before serving as the ice-cream will start to melt.

You will need 1 cup per guest; here are the ingredients to need to make 4 cups:
1 tub x 180ml fresh cream
M&S fresh Vanilla pods
1 tin M&S Mango Slices
1 packet M&S Organic rhubarb & ginger cookies
1 packet M&S Cranberry Delight
1 bar Sao Tome Dark Chocolate with cocoa nibs, from M&S
M&S Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

Start off by placing the un-whipped cream in a bowl. Now slit the vanilla pods lengthwise and scrape out the vanilla seeds. Place the vanilla in the cream and allow it to set for a couple of hours. If you are using 1 tub of fresh cream only use 1 vanilla pod. The tube contains 2 pods, so you can pack the other pod back in its tube for.

Once the cream is all speckled with the vanilla seeds, whip the cream until thick. Now assemble your cups.

Place some cream at the bottom of each cup, then add a layer of biscuits which need to be broken roughly with your hands before adding. Add some more cream on top. Now place a layer of mango slices to completely cover the cream, next place a tablespoon of cream in the middle of the slices and top with shavings of chocolate. Sprinkle the cranberries over the whole cup and finally drizzle some maple syrup. Refrigerate these cups until you are ready to serve.

The cranberry delights are great snacks to nibble on, make sure to eat the yogurt coated cranberries and use the uncoated ones for the dessert above.

Sao Tome chocolate has 75% cocoa solids so will be quite hard. Try shaving the chocolate with a sharp knife of using a peeler.

This article has been previously published in the Best Buy Supplement, out monthly with The Times.

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